how it all works...

We send out our investment deals via emails on a regular basis.

In order to receive these emails, you must be subscribed to our mailing list.  (See link below)

If one of our deals interests you, please follow the instructions on the email and get in touch to reserve the deal.

We will then run through the property details such as the ROI, figures and pictures.

If you'd like to proceed, we will send over the terms of sale and an invoice for the deal packaging fee.

Once we have received the signed terms of sale and payment, we will then arrange a phone call to disclose the full property details.

We will inform the agent of your details and the agent will then contact you with a request for your documents and information.

We will never request documents to be sent to us. The only people that will see your personal information are the agents involved, the vendor (if this is direct to vendor deal) or a solicitor.


The purchase process then goes through as a normal sale or if this is a rent to rent deal, the agent will instruct you on the full process and will guide you through it. We take a step back and let you deal directly with the agent.

We are of course on hand to assist with any issues that may arise throughout the process up to completion.

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